Defining Personalized Care

Nothing is more personal than your health and the well-being of those you love. At Vanderbilt Health, we’re committed to defining personalized care that is for you, near you and knows you. From helping you achieve the results that matter most to you to making discoveries that allow us to personalize care based on your own genes — we’re defining personalized care, together. Join us and share your story.

Featured Stories

Jessica Biggs

Jessica Biggs was scared to go to sleep at night. At 32, she had her first heart attack, then a second, third and fourth within a few months. The Smith County schoolteacher couldn’t find answers about the underlying cause until she came to Vanderbilt.


Anne Wolfe

Just before Anne Wolfe faced one of the toughest times in her life, everything fell into place. An unanticipated move to Bowling Green, Kentucky, put her closer to Vanderbilt — and the treatment that saved her life.

James George

James George had not one, but two transplants at Vanderbilt. He received a new liver and then about a decade later, a kidney. Now 67, he’s working on his Master’s degree and living a full life again without dialysis.



Learn how Vanderbilt defines personalized care, from work in precision medicine and genomics to the bond with those who come through our doors.